MMIPL offers services for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation studies, planning design and engineering for various off shore structures, such as Jetties, Breakwaters and Marine Outfalls.

MMIPL provided an alternatives, and immensely cost effective solution for sea water intake at the Akrimota power plant of GMDC. The proposed alternative exploited the relatively large tidal range at the project site, saving a huge amount in capital and recurring expenses for GMDC.

MMIPL have worked as Master Consultant for the Ankleshwar Effluent Disposal Project. This project involves a 10 kms. long marine pipeline and diffuser in the Gulf of Cambay to discharge 60 million liters a day of treated industrial waste water in to the sea. The Gulf of Cambay is one of the few seas in the world which offer the roughest sea conditions to a marine engineer - tidal range of about 6 - 8 meters and currents in the range of 1.5 to 2 knots !! Multi Mantech is designing the marine pipeline and diffuser for this project. As master Consultants, Multi Mantech will be also involved in the Project Management , Construction Supervision and Quality surveillance of this engineering marvel.

Services were provided for design of a Marine Outfall for the disposal of waste water in Tapi estury for 165 MW Power plant of M/s Gujarat Energy Generation Limited at Hazira in the Surat district of Gujarat state.

MMIPL have also carried out Mathematical Modeling for a jetty at Mundra for M/s Adani Port Limited.

As a part of its portfolio of Offshore services, Multi Mantech also provides services for obtaining clearance from the Coastal Regulation Zone authorities for projects such as jetties, marine pipelines and outfalls.