"Making Bright Minds Shine Brighter"

At the MMIPL, opportunities are abundant, the environment warm and the people friendly.

Walk around our offices and you will feel the energy. Minds are constantly in motion researching, innovating and creating ideas that push company, forward. We constantly strive to be and do better than the best.

We endeavor to create an ambience where our people have the tools and the freedom to deliver their commitments and take great pride in their work. In the fertile ethos of our Company, they find a career that is personally rewarding and professionally enriching.

Fun At Work

If work becomes fun, it doesn’t stay work anymore. It becomes an enjoyable endeavor that multiplies energy.

At MMIPL, we provide our employees with opportunities to connect with each other on a regular basis. In fact, many of the events we organize are designed to make the employees and their families feel as much a part of the Company.

Our events range from all - day events like Annual Company Day Celebration, Movies, Family Picnics and many other get togethers.