Cleaning up and preserving the environment are essential to making the world safe for future generations. Working with the state and local government agencies, and public utilities, MMIPL develops cost-effective solutions to protect, preserve and restore our air, water and soil quality, turning environmental liabilities into assets.

Our expert professionals apply the latest technology and thinking to help the clients meet their environmental goals. Our services include environmental impact assessments, Risk Assessment & Risk Management , environmental management planning, remedial design, program and construction management. Services also extended to obtain necessary clearances for the project for CRZ and other clearances required from MoEF and other state /Central Government and other relevant Authorities.

In the area of water resources, MMIPL provides a broad range of services for water quality, flood control, and watershed management projects. MMIPL also provide services for Right of User acquisition for pipelines. Environmental and social dimensions are an integral part for these services. MMIPL works on the implications of the construction and operation of the pipelines to the environment, ecology and the local society which are the core for deciding route of pipelines.

Multi Mantech have conducted Environmental Impact Assessment for the Rs. 1200 million Ankleshwar Effluent Disposal project, in one of the most ecologically sensitive regions of India Remote Sensing techniques are used in this project.

Following is a list of few projects where environmental studies have been carried out.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Ankleshwar Effluent Disposal Plant, Ankleshwar, Gujarat

M/s GSEG Power Plant, Hazira, Gujarat

Exploratory drilling in Coringa Sanctury, Andha Pradesh

EIA studies for Yamuna – Rajasthan – Sabarmati Link Canals

M/s Indo Gulf Fertilizers Limited, Dahej, Gujarat